About US


Build-A-Robot K12 is the Computer Science and Robotics education and technology service branch of Kids2GLOW, PBC (Public Benefit Company). Kids2GLOW was founded in September 2016 in Colorado to provide innovative STEAM experiences for students and educators.

In the GLOW of Kids2GLOW, the G stands for Growth mindset, the L for Lifelong Learning, O for Open, and W for worldwide and whole. At Kids2GLOW, we believe that kids with growth mindset, passion for lifelong learning, open mindedness, and worldwide learning experiences will be well positioned to adapt to, compete, and lead in the ever changing world.


We create and implement learning systems and experiences for students to not only gain knowledge in STEAM fields with a focus on Computer Science, Robotics, Social Emotional LearningTechnology, but also grow capabilities in Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration with Compassion in the local and global Community.


We are a group of educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents who are passionate about creating 21st century innovative kids with global competitiveness.

The founding members of our team are all women and have backgrounds studying, working, and living internationally. We have worked in high-tech industries, international companies, and education fields. Synergizing our differences through the common goals of making the world a better place through STEAM education has been a fun journey with ups and downs. We are grateful for the opportunities to grow and contribute everyday.