Bring Build A Robot to Your Community


There are various structures available given the need of the school. 

Will this curriculum be taught as an independent course or as enrichment?

Will this curriculum be used as supplemental activities for a STEM program?

Will this curriculum be used to support a Maker Space?

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Use Build a Robot Curriculum to Enrich your community POD

Now that you have downloaded the Build A Robot curriculum outline, acquired the materials, gained access to our digital classroom, but still have questions? Join the community forum to ask for help.  





Design + Create

Bring Build A Robot to Your Community

Too busy to do it yourself? Bring Build A Robot K12 to your community! 

When your organization partners with us, Build a Robot K12 will provide an instructor (in-person or virtual) to lead content learning while your organization provides support staff (in-person or virtual). You will work with a specialist to determine the best number of lessons based on the length of instruction per day and days per week. Build a Robot K12 will provide curriculum, personalized instruction plan, Robot Kits (if required), and support. Your on-campus support will receive training to ensure that the students get the best out of this computer science experience.

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