Teaching Assistant for Build a Robot K12

Share Your Knowledge and Help Other Kids

Volunteer Opportunity for Grades 9-12

Your Kids Will:

  • Turn their academic learning into real world experience
  • Greatly enhance their collaboration and empathy skills by viewing the content through other students’ eyes
  • Learn to quickly solve problems and think critically
  • Develop a deeper mastery of the course content
  • Learn leadership skills that will be applicable to any professional environment

Be a Teaching Assistant for Build a Robot K12 

As a teaching assistant, high-schoolers will be able to work with other students in computer science education and social emotional learning. It is one thing to learn a skill, but you develop a higher level of expertise when you can teach that skill to others and help them develop it in a way that enables the student to grow. This program is an excellent way for past students to become the masters in their field and to grow their own social emotional learning skills as they will, likely, learn just as much from their students as they did being a student.

This program promotes leadership, puts critical thinking and problem solving skills to work, encourages mastery within the content area, and is a way to grow both professionally and personally by seeing the learning experience through other people’s eyes. This is an excellent next step to working in a collaborative environment as a professional.

What’s Included: The teaching assistant position is a volunteer position and is based on successful completion of at least 4 Build a Robot K12 courses. As a teaching assistant, you will be matched with the instructor and course that fits your skills. Most positions require a 10-week commitment for 1 hour a week plus 2-3 hours of planning time throughout the 10-week course session.


  • Kids must have taken a minimum of 4 Build a Robot K12 courses
  • Must be a current 9 - 12 grader or have graduated high school within the last 6 months
  • Desire to gain a higher mastery of the course content and develop additional skills within leadership, problem solving, growth mindset, and collaboration.

“I remember when I first went to Build a Robot K12 as an elementary school student. With other kids that were my age, I quickly made new friends and worked on robots with them. It was one of my early memories of having fun with tech. I received lots of support from the mentors there. As I grew older, I myself became a youth mentor for younger students. Since 6th grade, I have volunteered for Build a Robot K12, acting as a teaching assistant. I have helped kids learn how to make their first game in Scratch, build their first robot, and prepare them for their first presentation. Spending time with kids that were so eager to learn was like looking back upon myself when I was their age. What gives me the most joy is spotting the timid and qui students and reaching out to connect with them because I was once like them and my mentors drew me out of my shell. At Build a Robot K12, I look forward to sharing my passion for technology and being part of building a stronger community.”

- Tianyi Gu


What is required for applying to be a Teaching Assistant?

The applicant (9 - 12 grader) must submit a resume and a cover letter with the following information at the time of registration:

  • Up to 3 content areas you would be interested in being a teaching assistant for.
  • What you believe the role of a teaching assistant is?
  • What ages of kids you would prefer to work with (between K - 8th grade)?
  • Why you are a good candidate for this opportunity?


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