A bit About Programming & Circuits With Micro:bit


For Grades 3-5

Your Kids Will:

  • Create their own wearable project and make a musical instrument
  • Practice growth mindset and positive thinking
  • Engage in the engineering design process 
  • Gain confidence while working with electrical hardware
  • Build enthusiasm for programming and software
  • Be inspired to create their own electrical projects
  • See themselves as inventors and engineers

Course Overview: A bit about programming, circuits and more with Micro:bit: Unit 1

This course is perfect for kids who like to build and design, who want to learn more about circuits and coding, and are ready for block computer programming. This class is made for anyone that loved snap circuits when they were younger and want to do more or for anyone who wants to learn about how software and hardware work together.

Kids will step into the world of Micro:bit and will learn how to use Micro:bit computer programming and circuitry to build their own instruments, wearables and more. We will have lots of fun learning, coding, and building together.

This course promotes a foundational understanding of both technical skills and basic concepts in circuitry/programming. Technical skills include connecting and programming micro controllers, and programming if statements and for/while loops. Kids will also learn basic concepts including input, output, voltage, ground, and current. 

This course will teach the engineering design process and focus on social emotional learning (growth mindset + positive thinking) as well as empathetic design. Kids will combine all of these skills and concepts in their final wearable project for the course.

Course includes Micro:bit kit ($30 Value) 

Micro:bit is an open source microprocessor made by BBC. It is a small computer designed to teach kids about circuits.

  • Used by millions of schools to demonstrate key inputs and outputs. 
  • Shows how computers truly function and operate.
  • The make:code software makes it easy for kids to test their hardware and troubleshoot their own work and designs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our promise to you. If you and your kid are not happy after the first two classes, we’ll give you a full refund or help you find another course. See FAQ for more details.

Parents Love Us“Max was an absolutely wonderful instructor for the 4th grade class!  Thank you all for your wonderful work in inspiring the next generation of STEM students!”

- Rachel D.

Course Curriculum

Social Emotional Topics: Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking

Class 1: Connecting our Micro:bit and using LEDs

Class 2: If/Else logic and building a tug of war game

Class 3: Outputs and For loops 

Class 4: Inputs and While loops

Class 5: Current, Ground, Voltage


Is this the right course for my kid?

This course is intended for beginners who are upper elementary students or older. No coding or Micro:bit background is necessary. Kids will need basic reading and writing skills.


Do you need help picking the right course? Contact Us for help choosing the best option for your kid.

What supplies or software are needed for this course?

  • PC, Mac or Chromebook
  • Micro:bit kit (included with purchase)
  • Materials take 5 - 8 business days to deliver with standard free shipping. We recommend that you place your order with expedited shipping if materials are needed sooner; however, we cannot guarantee that all materials will arrive prior to the start of the first class.
  • Microphone and camera for virtual classes
  • Access to Zoom: Please go to https://zoom.us/ to install Zoom and set up your account on your device. Here is a video with tips on how to Install Zoom if you need additional support. 
  • Students will need to know how to share their screen in Zoom.
  • micro:bit software and (free software download links will be posted in Classroom Portal and sent to students prior to class kick off)

What is the time commitment for this course?

Your kid will be part of a small group, live online class that meets 1 hour/week. Outside of class, we expect they may need up to an hour to work on concepts or finish building/programming anything that is not finalized in class. However don’t be surprised if your kid wants to do more on their own for fun.

What is social emotional learning?

We believe that human-centered skills and technical skills need to go hand in hand in order to create inspired leaders and problem solvers who will direct positive, social change through technological advancement. With this vision in mind, we add Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to all of our courses. The SEL topics for this course are Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking.

How Does the Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

Our promise to you – if you or your kid are not happy within the first two classes, we’ll give you a full refund or help you find a different course. Full refund applies to tuition, only, and does NOT include a refund on course materials (i.e. robotics sets) which are yours to keep. The request for a refund or transfer must be made within 3 business days from the date of the second class.


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