RoboRobo Kids Add-on


Age: 5 ~ 7
Grade: K ~ 2nd

Scratch cards to control the robot as you like.
Programing without a PC.

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RoboRobo Kids Add-on

This is the add-on kit for the basic kit, with this kit, Learners can make models directly, and it will raise creativity for children to express their potential to blocks.
With the wireless remote control, it is possible to assign more free motions to the finished blocks.
While making advanced works and mechanically complicated models using various blocks and sensors, it is possible to raise the logical thinking.
The course applying not only finished works but also various programs and changing motions directly will raise the potential creativity.

Robo Kids, Raising Dream and Hope with Blocks

In this kit, children can make models directly using blocks and circuits and express their potential and creativity.
While playing the block game assembling and disassembling blocks as well as using various circuits, associated scientific and technical principles are explored and scientific logic will be enhanced.


Systematic education system that wakes up children’s potential

In this course, the user makes the desired model as referring to the assembly diagram and operate the assembled model freely, which develops logic and mathematical thinking.
Using program cards to carry out various missions, While carrying out various mission using program cards, problem solving ability and teamwork spirit are raised.


Movable Block Class Configuration and Features


Scratch cards to control the robot as you like, Programing without a PC.

With Robo Kids, even beginners can implement block motions easily.
With bar-coded funny cards, you can make the program you want.


Adopted the education methods just suitable for children.

With the education system that keeps stimulating the interest of children with poor concentration, raise their logical thinking as well as concentration.


Education that enhances children’s creativity.


Robo Kids Curriculum

Robo Kids Basic – Think and make your own models, and use funny cards to express motions you want

Children will express their own potential with blocks and make models of their own thinking.
Children assemble DC motor and CPU blocks and will observe works they made move with simple button strokes.
Bar-coded funny cards and the card reader facilitate advanced learning that programs desired motions without a computer.

Using two circuit boards which run motions different each other, it is possible to realize various motions. Contesting works children made, they will understand the scientific principle more easily.