Creative Voice & Creative Writing with Toys2Life: Free 1 day Demo Class


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Requirement: a Windows 10 computer. Participants should install the free Toys2Life software (available here) on their Windows 10 computers prior to the session.

In this one-hour session, your kids will have fun by fusing technology, creative writing, and voice acting to design an AI-enabled talking character. The session will focus on:

  • How to write. The group will flex its collective imagination to create a compelling character. By the end of the session, this character will be capable of having unique and humorous conversations with other user-created characters on the Toys2Life platform.
  • How to code. Your kids will be exposed to cutting-edge software and JavaScript Object Notation. The character creation process is a great stepping stone for kids interested in video game design.
  • How to voice act. Kids who like performing will have the option to lend their voices to the group character. Even shy kids can become more confident speakers through the voice acting fundamentals we cover!
  • How to collaborate. Your kids will practice empathy and creativity, building on each other’s ideas as they create a character together. Social-emotional learning is important to all Build A Robot sessions, and this is no exception!

This session is recommended for all kids grades 4 through 8, including:

  • Aspiring coders and engineers.
  • Kids who like telling stories.
  • Theater kids.
  • Kids who like inventing games with their friends.
  • Kids who would benefit from channeling their interest in video games in a productive direction!