Introduction to Scratch

Animated Storytelling! An Introduction to Scratch

For Grades 3-5

Your Kids Will:

  • Get to play and create while also learning great foundational skills for coding, including logic and algorithmic sequencing
  • Expand their creativity and problem solving skills by learning, making and reiterating
  • Develop social emotional skills such as leadership skills with empathy
  • Use projects and problem solving to practice and showcase their learning
  • Be part of our community where they will feel included, supported, and engaged, even online

Course Overview: Animated Storytelling! An Introduction to Scratch: Unit 1

This introductory course will inspire excitement for learning computer based programming. Introduction to Scratch brings storytelling to life as kids animate their own stories through character and background animations. In this course, they will develop their own characters and backgrounds, create narratives, market their stories, and create a final project to bring all of their learning together.

Kids will build a strong coding foundation as they learn and expand upon computer coding basics. They will learn computer science concepts such as: Algorithms, Sequencing, Randomness, Variables, Events, Control, Loops, Broadcasting, Conditionals, If/Then.

Kids will use social emotional learning to help them develop a growth mindset and learn how the word “yet” can help turn mistakes into powerful learning moments.

Class sizes are kept small to allow all kids an opportunity to share and connect within their class community as well as get support they need from the instructor.

This class is a must for kids interested in computer coding and who love using their imagination and creativity.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our promise to you. If you and your kid are not happy after the first two classes, we’ll give you a full refund or help you find another course. See FAQ for more details.

Parents Love Us“My son loved M. Kelley! She is engaging, patient and fun.”

- Ethan

“This class was really fun and enriching for my seven year old. She learned a lot and wants to take more classes from this talented teacher!”

- Mansi S.

Course Curriculum

Social Emotional Learning Topics: Growth Mindset - Mistakes and Revisions. 

Lesson 1: Introduction to Scratch - write a knock-knock Joke

Lesson 2 : Using dialog in storytelling

Lesson 3: Intro to animation (using story from lesson2)

Lesson 4: An unexpected meeting. Use reactions to develop a character.

Lesson 5: Create a dynamic stormy day setting, using random block.



Is this the right course for my kid?

This class is intended for beginners who are brand new to coding and are in upper elementary grade levels. No prior experience is needed. 


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What supplies or software are needed for this course?

  • Mac, PC or Chromebook
  • Microphone and camera for virtual classes
  • Access to Zoom: Please go to to install Zoom and set up your account on your device. Here is a video with tips on how to Install Zoom if you need additional support. 
  • Students will need to know how to share their screen in Zoom.
  • Software Needs (please download before the first class): We will be using the Scratch website for class:
    • Please do not use a previously downloaded version of Scratch. 
    • Students need to create a username and password BEFORE the first class. If they have a username and password already, they can use it, and we just ask that they test it before class.
  • We recommend using a device with a large screen (as opposed to a tablet), so they can use a split screen to see Zoom and Scratch at the same time. This will allow them to see what the instructor is showing in Zoom and be able to share their work.

What is the time commitment for this course?

Your kid will be part of a small group, live online class that meets 1 hour/week. Outside of class, we expect they may need up to an hour to work on concepts or to finish building/programming anything not finalized in class. However, don’t be surprised if your kid wants to do more on their own for fun.

What is social emotional learning?

We believe that human-centered skills and technical skills need to go hand in hand in order to create inspired leaders and problem solvers who will direct positive, social change through technological advancement. With this vision in mind, we add Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to all of our courses. In this course, we will focus on growth mindset and talk about the magic of making mistakes. Kids will learn the power of the word “yet” and how reflection triangles can turn our mistakes into great learning opportunities.

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