Introduction to Robotics & Block-based Coding

Design, Build, & Program Your Own Robot

For Grades 3-5

Your Kids Will:

  • Learn how things work and gain the skills to create their own solutions
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Develop empathy, curiosity, grit and creativity 
  • Build and design their own robots with screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts

Course Overview: Introduction to Robotics and Block-Based Coding: Unit 1 

This course will inspire excitement for learning about robotics and computer based programming. Your kid will learn to work through problems with the support of social emotional learning and a focus on grit. They will be able to build and program their own robotic design by the end of the course.

Your kids will learn about the engineering design process, infrared technology, motors electricity, logic, algorithms, sequential thinking, loops, conditional statements and will practice different social emotional skills such as empathy, grit and creativity. 

Course includes RoboRobo Kit Core Set ($199 value)

These robotic sets are educational, engaging, and offer lots of flexibility for your kids to create and program their own designs. 

  • Sets include CPU, LEDs, DC Motors, Infrared Sensors, a Buzzer, Contact Sensors and free coding software. 
  • Includes a workbook with step by step building guides for 10 builds. 
  • The open build and open coding platform allows your kids to learn the technology and coding terminology in an incremental way and then take their knowledge to the next level by designing, building, and coding their own creation - including a battle bot, a problem based learning solution, and more!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our promise to you. If you and your kid are not happy after the first two classes, we’ll give you a full refund or help you find another course. See FAQ for more details.

Parents Love Us"My daughter (going to middle school) ... was able to learn some basic robotics and coding and then built her own music box as the final project on the last day. She was proud of her project and brought it to show off at a friend's place. She's attended other coding classes but was never that interested in them. This class was different, allowing more creativity, rather than just following some exercises."

- David H.

Kids Love Us"This is the best education center where a student can learn about the fundamental skills of engineering and STEM while having much fun. I have been going here for a year, and I think that I have learned a lot. I've also made many new friends. The teachers here are very supportive of everybody, and they don't put limits on a student's creativity."

- Logan G.

Course Curriculum

Social Emotional Topics: Perseverance, Respect, Mindfulness, and Teamwork.

Lesson 1: Introduction to class, overview of robotics, check out set materials, and discussion on social emotional learning topics (perseverance, respect, mindfulness, and teamwork)

Lesson 2: LEDs and Buzzers with robot build (electricity, current, vibration)

Lesson 3: Introduction to block based computer coding (Rogic, chips)

Lesson 4: DC Motors with robot build (torque, mechanical energy, direct versus alternating current))

Lesson 5: Programming DC Motors (speed, direction)


Is this the right course for my kid?

This course is intended for beginners who are upper elementary students or older. Ideally, kids must be comfortable using screwdrivers to assemble robotics that use components such as nuts, screws, and threaded and non-threaded building materials.
Looking for a younger level course? Check out the Robotics Explorers courses.
Do you need help picking the right course? Contact us for help choosing the best option for your kid.

What supplies or software are needed for this course?

  • Zoom installed and accessible on device being used for course.
  • RoboRobo Kit Core Set (Included with purchase)
  • Materials take 5 - 8 business days to deliver with standard free shipping. We recommend that you place your order with expedited shipping if materials are needed sooner; however, we cannot guarantee that all materials will arrive prior to the start of the first class.
  • Rogic free software (software download links will be posted in Classroom Portal and sent to students prior to class kick off)

What is the time commitment for this course?

Your kid will be part of a small group, live online class that meets 1 hour/week. Outside of class, we expect they may need up to an hour to work on concepts or to finish building/programming their robots. However don’t be surprised if your kid wants to do more on their own for fun.

What is social emotional learning?

We believe that human-centered skills and technical skills need to go hand in hand in order to create inspired leaders and problem solvers who will direct positive, social change through technological advancement. With this vision in mind, we add Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to all of our courses.
The SEL topics for this course are perseverance, respect, mindfulness, and teamwork.

How Does the Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

Our promise to you – if you or your kid are not happy within the first two classes, we’ll give you a full refund or help you find a different course. Full refund applies to $179 tuition, only, and does NOT include a refund on course materials (i.e. robotics sets) which are yours to keep. The request for a refund or transfer must be made within 3 business days from the date of the second class.


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