Experiencing Build-A-Robot

The Build-A-Robot Learning Center in Superior, Colorado is the experience center owned and operated by Kids2GLOW. The center offers full-scale Build-A-Robot Computer Science and Robotics immersion classes during weekdays for homeschool and after school students.The Center also trains fellow educators to launch a full or partial programs of Build-A-Robot.  Program calendar and Registration Open Now!

The Build-A-Robot Difference

(1) We are the only year-round afterschool programs in
the area dedicated to K~12 Computer Science, Robotics, and Social Emotional Education through fun and purposeful learning.

(2) We love diversity and embrace learners of all types. In the 2018~2019 programs, our center enrolled 50% of girls. 35% of our students speak a second language and about 40% of our students are identified with special needs in the areas of gifted and talented, twice exceptional.

(3) Our programs are heavily hand-on and experiential. We offer low Students to Staff Ratio (8:1) to ensure each student receives individual attention and support in their journey of learning Computer Science.

(4) We emphasize on building combined skills that include: (a) Computer Science Literacy and Proficiency; (b) Creativity and Systematic Critical Thinking; (c) Collaboration and Communication; (d) Social Emotional Intelligence and Mental Resilience; (e) Entrepreneurial and Leadership; (f) Compassion and Contribution.

(5) Our curricula are curated and developed by educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are all passionate about educating students with characters and combined skills – students who will not be replaced by robots and AI; students who will create opportunities for themselves and for others when they grow up.

(6) To develop students with combined skills, our program offerings emphasize on active learning that develop and exercise students’ left and right brains. Our instructions and activities are designed to inspire and encourage thinkers to make things, artists to design for functions, and engineers to tell good stories.

Questions and Suggestions?