RoboRobo Construction Robotics Systems

We are the strategic partner of RoboRobo Education and the exclusive US distributor of RoboRobo education robotics systems. In November 2017, RoboRobo Education provided seed funding for us to support our vision and development of integrating Social Emotional Learning, Problem Based Learning, and Robotics Learning through afterschool programs and sharing our practice with educators.

We work with schools, libraries, maker spaces, after school programs to help educators, community organizers, event planners, robot enthusiasts to implement robotics learning programs tailored to each program’s budget, resource availability, and implementation goals.

The RoboRobo Robotics systems provide students a journey to discover, explore, and create robots. Students start as early as preschool and kindergarten (six levels, no computer required) and progress through elementary and middle school (six levels) to gain substantial knowledge and experiences in coding and robotics over time. With our integration of social emotional learning and problem-based learning, students not only build technical skills in coding and robotics, but also practice transferrable life skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and compassion.


UARO Series