Co-Founder & Chief Outreach Officer
Danielle Hughes joined Kids2GLOW, PBC in 2016. She was drawn to the company’s mission to inspire and educate students to be globally competitive, happy and whole, empathic and purposeful, and to be creators and makers. At Kids2GLOW, Danielle supports the business by taking on whatever task is necessary, bringing focus to the day to day, and addressing situations from multiple angles to find successful solutions. Prior to Kids2GLOW, Danielle worked for 10 years with Lafuma, an outdoor gear manufacturer. She worked to increase sales, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency through roles in sales, logistics, and operations management.
Danielle has an MBA from the University of Colorado in Boulder and enjoys traveling, mountain biking, skiing, and spending time with her amazing family! She loves experiencing new cultures and ways to view the world and attempts to learn more through her knowledge of Spanish and limited Chinese.
Kids2GLOW continues to be a source of inspiration to Danielle as it pushes her to grow and expand her limits, think creatively, and gives her the incredible opportunity to work with a dynamic, passionate and impressive group of people! Do what you love and love what you do!