Immersion Program FAQ

Which programs should I sign up my kids in Fall 2020?

Elementary School Students: Parents of new students with no or little coding/robotics experience (fewer than 30 hours) are advised to sign up for the CS/Robotics class according to their grade level in school. Returning students of Build-A-Robot are advised to sign up one grade level higher than their grade levels in school.

For Middle School Students, parents can sign up either Physical Computing or Game Design to fulfill part of the CSTA (Computer Science Teacher’s Association) middle school Computer Science requirements. Both classes work well with existing and new Build-A-Robot students. Students will receive plenty of individual attention.

Students who are looking for a larger challenge are also encouraged to sign up for the FLL Robotics Team Competition.

Existing and new students will be supported and challenged.

Why do I need to buy/rent a robot?

The RoboRobo robot kits offer 12-15 models of robots that increase in features and complexity. Often, a robot model can take more than one class to build. And students often want to make modifications to the design to make it “their own”. Students are assigned a kit so that they can work on a robot build over multiple sessions. When you rent a kit, the robots are stored between classes at Build A Robot. When you buy a kit, your student can take the robot kit home between classes and at the end of the semester.

Why Robotics?

Lights, sounds, sensors, movements of an interactive robot give students direct feedback and gratifications of their work. Introduction to robotics for students to design, build, develop, and apply various robotics systems provide opportunities for students to hone their skills in computer science, as well as create tangible hardware systems that can be applied in real life. Students spot opportunities for improvement and innovation in the world they live in and gain strong intrinsic motivation for deep learning.

What are all the learning opportunities with Build-A-Robot?

We offer weekly immersion classes, weekend events, summer and winter camps, competition team coaching, and community volunteering opportunities for our students. New events will be emailed to the community as they come up.

Amazing Kids Building Robots

What’s the pathway for students attending the Build-A-Robot classes?

We provide lots of support for our elementary school students to make them feel safe, fun, confident, and eager. After completing the elementary program with Build-A-Robot, our students would have established a solid foundation in Computational thinking, problem solving, design thinking, and life transferable skills.

In middle school, we go deeper into robotics and coding projects, where students can spend more time on more complex projects.

Do you offer classes in Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++?

We teach Python in our AI Robotics and Raspberry Pi classes. We teach Javascript in our micro:bit class. We currently do not offer Java, C, C++ classes.

We truly believe that block-based programming creates a strong foundation of Computational Thinking without getting bogged down in syntax errors of text-based coding. So we focus on block-based programming in Elementary School and start transitioning to text-based languages through Middle School.