2nd – 8th Grade Clubs


  • Designed specifically for education for students in 2nd – 8th grades
  • 6 Learning Levels (introductory, advanced, and professional learning)
  • Program using a GUI (drag and drop) interface that introduces C-language with ‘Rogic Editor’
  • Technology included: CPUs, LEDs, infrared sensors, contact sensors, transmitters, receivers, motors, blue tooth, buzzers, and additional technology
  • Each level contains build designs for 7 to 11 different robots
  • Students will learn the mechanics of building and design through the assembly of robots and an open platform that encourages free build, open-ended thinking and creativity
  • Students will learn about electricity, circuits, inputs/outputs, nuts/bolts, engineering, and mechanics in a fun and engaging way
  • It is a great tool for problem based learning challenges and for teaching growth mindset

Start a Club

Club Logistics

  • Determine the Teacher, Location, Time, and Dates for your club
    • Recommendations: 
      • 1:10 Teacher to Student Ratio (or less)
      • 6 to 10 sessions
      • 1.5 hours per session
  • Download the RoboRobo Flyer Template and update it with your info
  • Send out your Flyer to promote your club and have students register
  • Order your robotics sets from Build-A-Robot at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of your club

Club Prep

  • Receive your sets 
  • Buy your batteries: Each Kit Series set requires (4) AA-batteries (not included in set)
  • Review the workbook to familiarize yourself with the layout and instructions
  • Build and program the first robot on your own
  • Review the sample Lesson Plans to see what material you will use
  • Contact Build-A-Robot with any questions
  • Training and professional development is available for an extra charge

Club Kick Off

  • Have FUN! Your kids are excited to play and see what they can do, so do not stress about what you may or may not know. You will learn with them and that is half the fun.
  • Discuss Safety: Go over the safety tips prior to opening up your robotics
  • Review the parts: Go over the parts and what they do (information is in the workbooks)
  • Build your Robot: Your robotics set will have building plans for 7+ robots. Select the robot you would like to build and follow the design instructions in the workbook.
  • Program your Robot: The instructions are in the workbooks, but here is the quick overview:
    • Use the Windows, Mac or Chromebook Rogic software for the device you are using.
    • Set up your program for your robot (examples are in the workbook)
    • Use the supplied USB cable to connect your robot to your computer
    • Turn on the power switch for the robot
    • Follow the programming instructions in your workbook
    • Select the port you are connecting through (i.e. USB)
    • Download and run your program
    • Unplug the USB from the robot
    • Turn your robot off and on to execute the program
    • Troubleshoot to solve any issues
    • Modify and see what else your robot can do

Fill in Your Information and Download the Course Materials