Introduction to Robotics & Block-based Coding

Excel Academy Robotics and Coding Club

For Age 9 - 14

Only students from Excel Academy Charter School in Arvada will be accepted.

Students will build, design, and code a variety of robots! They will use a RoboRobo set that has building components such as metal frames, plastic frames, beams, nuts and bolts. Students will learn how to create functionality in their build using electronic components such as a CPU board, IR and contact sensors, LEDs, buzzers, and motors. Programs are written on the computer using a block-based programming environment and downloaded to the robot. Students will learn how to program robots to react to sensor data, drive motors and control robot behavior. Over the course of 10 weeks, students build robots of increasing complexity and functionality – each project teaches a new level of mechanical and programmatic design. All students are encouraged to create their own designs. Students will debug software and hardware problems to learn problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to share their ideas, progress, and challenges at each session

Your Kids Will:

  • Learn how things work and gain the skills to create their own solutions
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Develop empathy, curiosity, grit and creativity
  • Build and design their own robots with screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts

This session's Life Skill Topic is Empathy. 

No prior coding or robotics experience is required
To support individual learning, each student will get his/her own robotic set to use during the session.

Parents Love Us"My daughter (going to middle school) ... was able to learn some basic robotics and coding and then built her own music box as the final project on the last day. She was proud of her project and brought it to show off at a friend's place. She's attended other coding classes but was never that interested in them. This class was different, allowing more creativity, rather than just following some exercises."

- David H.

Kids Love Us"This is the best education center where a student can learn about the fundamental skills of engineering and STEM while having much fun. I have been going here for a year, and I think that I have learned a lot. I've also made many new friends. The teachers here are very supportive of everybody, and they don't put limits on a student's creativity."

- Logan G.