Benefit 5: Learn Robotics to build transferable skills

By Qing Hua, CEO

As the complexity of the world we live in increases everyday, developing innovative solutions in a vacuum is impossible. Collaborative Creating is consistent with our human nature to socialize. Working in a group gives students perspectives of how their peers interpret and process information, how they could brainstorm ideas and contribute each person’s unique strength, and together work on a project to solve an authentic problem. 

The Build A Robot K12 philosophy is to help students build skills in multiple areas. Communication skill is a critical skill for kids to gain so they can express their ideas and opinions clearly and collaborate effectively with others. When it comes to building robots, we ask students to present their robots to the team. Usually at the end of each session, students take turns to explain their work. Over the years, we have observed that quiet robot builders usually take so much pride in their work that they become more open to share their work. The communicative students usually share a great deal of details about what they have learned and built. Students learn from each other and become better at communicating in a collaborative environment. 

If you are interested in robotics classes for your kids, please visit our course page.

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Founder & CEO

Qing is passionate about fusing education, technology, industry, diversity, and human empathy to make this world a better place through education. Before starting Build a Robot K12, Qing worked in the telecommunication industry for 15 years as a senior engineer, engineering manager, and a product manager. Qing holds a MBA and a MS in Telecommunication from University of Colorado at Boulder, a MA in Communications from University of Delaware, and a BS in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She currently serves on the Colorado Department of Education Gifted Education State Advisory Committee. Outside of work, Qing enjoys books, new tech, music, the outdoors, and exploring new places and cultures.

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