Benefit 2: Build robots to reinforce academic content areas beyond coding

By Qing Hua, CEO

We have seen creative educators use robotics in many ways to help students reinforce coding, math, reading, and spatial skills. For example, to code a robot to move from point A to point B, students work with distance, speed, duration, and direction, all things they have learned in a math class. The coding process presents them with an opportunity to work with multiple parameters to achieve their goals. The robot movement then gives them instant feedback on whether what they observed is consistent with what they intended.For students Grade 3~5, this is an opportunity to practice reading and comprehension. Students K2 who do not yet read can rely on pictorial instructions to examine various components. 

Students have also experienced that even when both their math and coding work are correct, the robot may still not behave as they had designed it to do! In the process of troubleshooting, they may find that the parts have been put together wrong, or the electric parts are connected incorrectly, or that they misread an important instruction, or they forget to power up the robot! Making a robot to work gives students so many opportunities to practice persistence! Witnessing the robot finally strides across the floor gives students a strong sense of pride and confidence.

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Founder & CEO

Qing is passionate about fusing education, technology, industry, diversity, and human empathy to make this world a better place through education. Before starting Build a Robot K12, Qing worked in the telecommunication industry for 15 years as a senior engineer, engineering manager, and a product manager. Qing holds a MBA and a MS in Telecommunication from University of Colorado at Boulder, a MA in Communications from University of Delaware, and a BS in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She currently serves on the Colorado Department of Education Gifted Education State Advisory Committee. Outside of work, Qing enjoys books, new tech, music, the outdoors, and exploring new places and cultures.

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