Builders Build

First we hear the whistle calling the kids in from their after school recess, followed by the sound of running footsteps. Once the kids walk into the room, it’s Build A Robot time! Starting in the first week of October, I have been lucky enough to be a co-teacher for an afterschool program with Build A Robot, meeting three days a week for an hour each.

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Reflection, Imagination, and Transformation

This summer, I have attended more conferences than I have ever before. The mix of virtual and in-person formats provided me more opportunities to learn and share. In the first week of June, my colleagues Bird, Isaac, and a group of students and I presented virtually at Rock CS, a premier conference for Computer Science teachers in Colorado on a Saturday.

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To Create is to Collaborate

I first ran into Qing and Danielle through the CSED (computer science education) events put on by the main branch of the Boulder Public Library. We both thought the other was doing really cool things…

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