Incubating Future Leaders 2020 Spring Afterschool Immersion Programs Now Enrolling

Build a Robot, Imagine a Future! Invest up to 2 hours a week in Computer Science, Robotics, and Social Emotional Learning, start shaping the world you live in!


Calling All Builders!2020 Spring Home School Immersion Programs Now Enrolling

Montessori style, learning and building at student's own pace in a supportive cohort group! Come discover your passion and potential! Make new friends and create a future together!


A Better WorldDeep Learning with Fun for a Purpose

Early introduction to computer science with an emphasis on Design Thinking, Problem Based Learning, and Social Emotional Learning. Collaborating closely with educators and industry leaders, share best practice, and implement cutting edge community learning in an agile and nimble way.


Build A Robot Robotics League Competition
Registration Open for 2019-2020

The competition theme is "How can robots improve a child's life?"
This theme encourages kids to think about how a robot can change their own lives, or to consider other children in their community or anywhere in the world.


Social Emotional Learning

Why SEL? An extensive body of rigorous research (including randomized control trials, longitudinal follow-ups, and

Computer Science Education

We adopt the K~12 Computer Science Framework in our classes We bring computer science literacy

Design Thinking and PBL

Radical collaboration. To inspire creative thinking, we bring together students, faculty, and practitioners from all disciplines,